A green neighborhood in the Iancu Nicolae area

When we talk about perfection, we don’t just mean exceptional quality, but a lifestyle that we find in every Residence5 project. With over 25 years of experience in the quality real estate segment in the north of the capital, we have learned that every detail counts, that every element must be perfected to create an authentic experience. After bringing 20 successful projects to life, we are proud to present our new chapter: Residence5 Luxury Villas. 

Nowadays, cutting-edge technology and perfect quality are not just concepts, but meet in a perfect symphony in every villa in the newest complex, Residence5 Luxury Villas. Each stage of construction is carefully planned, constructed and monitored down to the smallest detail to deliver a residence that not only meets expectations, but far exceeds them. Intimacy, elegance and craftsmanship are the attributes that define each villa in Residence5 Luxury Villas.  

The premium location, in the heart of the Iancu Nicolae area, in one of the most select locations in the north of Bucharest, adds value to the Residence5 Luxury Villas condominium. This oasis of sophistication was designed for those who appreciate privacy and seek to achieve the highest standard of luxury. Each villa is an architectural masterpiece, with carefully crafted details that harmoniously combine uniqueness with modern technology.  

As you cross the threshold of a Residence5 villa, you are greeted by a unique atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Each room with its 3.5m height exudes elegance and good taste, and the generous spaces are created to fulfill the most demanding desires. From premium finishes to state-of-the-art amenities (2-car garage), every aspect has been thought with passion and dedication to provide a unique living experience for families who choose the villa to further their dreams.  

Although we have extensive experience and are proud of our previous projects, Residence5 Luxury Villas represent a culmination of Residence5 excellence recognized for quality. Constantly eager to push our limits and bring the new standard of luxury to the everyday lives of families who choose a Residence5 property, each property within Residence5 Villas is more than a home – it is a symbol of extraordinary living.  

By choosing to be part of the Residence5 community, you choose to embrace a life where perfection is the order of the day. In Residence5 Luxury Villas we propose you to discover a new perspective on authentic luxury. Every day, you will be surrounded by elegant green areas and ample spaces, and every step inside the neighborhood will be a journey into a universe of beauty.  

We conclude with the invitation to live the Residence5 Luxury Villas experience. Schedule a viewing now on the website and choose to experience excellence in a setting that redefines standards. Choose Residence5, where every villa is a work of art and perfection is a way of life.