Exceptional location, near Baneasa Forest

In the vibrant north of Bucharest, in the Iancu Nicolae area, there is an oasis of sophistication and luxury: Residence5 High Quality Villas. With over two decades of residential development experience in the northern area of the capital, we are recognized as a trusted name in the construction of high quality homes for high demanding families.

The Residence5 High Quality Villas complex stands out for its excellent location, right next to Baneasa forest and close to famous private schools (American School, Cambridge or Olga Gudynn) so that the whole family can enjoy the exceptional location.

Close to nature for a healthy life

One of the notable features of Residence5 villas is their excellent location. Located near the Baneasa forest, we offer our residents a direct connection with nature. Here you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty every day. It is a perfect place for relaxing walks or outdoor activities with the family.

But it’s not just nature that defines our location. Residence5 is also close to some of the most prestigious private schools in the north of the capital, offering parents convenient access to quality education for their children. This is a particular attraction for families with children who want to live in a safe and educational community.

In addition, our strategic location allows quick and easy access to the Pipera business area, one of the most important business hubs in Bucharest. This means that professionals working in this area benefit from precious time saved in traffic and convenient proximity to their home.

Close to private schools in the Iancu Nicolae area

Whether you are interested in schools with national or international programs, you will find a variety of educational options in the vicinity of your Residence5 home. This means that you are providing your children with a high quality educational environment, and you will have the peace of mind that the location of your new home facilitates this.

Also, the proximity to kindergartens and schools significantly facilitates your family’s daily routine. Less traffic to school means saving valuable time and reducing stress, allowing you to focus more on business, family life and other activities that are important to you.

In conclusion, the positioning of Residence5 High Quality Villas near private schools in the Iancu Nicolae area is an invaluable advantage for families with children, who want to provide their children with an exceptional education in a comfortable and safe environment. It’s a testament to our attention to detail and our desire to create a quality community.

With quick access to the Pipera business area

With quick access to the Pipera business area, you will be able to avoid long hours spent in traffic and take advantage of more time for what really matters to you. This means that you will be able to spend more time with family and friends or devote yourself to the activities you are passionate about.

In addition, the proximity to the Pipera area facilitates collaboration with business partners and clients. For those working in fields such as IT, finance or consulting, the location is invaluable. Also, for entrepreneurs running their businesses in this ever-growing area, Residence5 offers unparalleled comfort and accessibility.

The Pipera business area is home to numerous offices, shopping centers, restaurants and leisure facilities, which means you have everything at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for business opportunities or want to spend time in the city with friends, you will find everything you need, just a few minutes away from your home. Finally, the Residence5 villas, the positioning of the Residence5 villas near the Pipera business area only adds to the attractiveness of this luxury community. This location offers a perfect balance between work and personal life, allowing residents to enjoy all that modern Bucharest has to offer in a comfortable and stylish way. It is where luxury meets technology, creating the ultimate lifestyle.

To learn more about the available villas and enjoy a virtual experience, we invite you to explore the web page. In the Residence5 universe, technology becomes art, and high-end amenities are normal.