You have favorite places nearby

When thinking about choosing a home that you deserve, one of the most important criteria is, of course, location.

Residence5 High Quality Villas not only meet the highest standards in terms of house construction and architecture, but also quickly connect you to some of the most attractive destinations in the Pipera – Iancu Nicolae area. Here are some of our favorite places in the neighborhood:

Enjoy the fine cuisine of the restaurants in the area

If you are a lover of fine gastronomy, you have some of the most famous restaurants in Bucharest a few minutes away. Maison 36 wins you over with its Mediterranean flair and welcoming ambiance, while Studio 80 offers refined cuisine and a sophisticated atmosphere. Oliveto ristorante by Caelia brings the authenticity of Italian cuisine, but we also recommend fine seafood dishes.

Have an active life with fitness sessions and relaxation at nearby spas

Maintaining an active lifestyle is very important for health, and when you have a house in Residence5 High Quality Villas you can do this, extremely easily. Just steps away, you have access to World Class, known for its state-of-the-art fitness facilities. The Oaks Country Club, an oasis of relaxation, spa and tennis courts to maintain your physical and mental balance is also another option to maintain your well-being and exercise in an exclusive environment.

You have fast connection with Otopeni Airport

For those who travel frequently, Henri Coandă Otopeni International Airport is just a car away. Whether you’re going on an exotic vacation or a business trip, you have quick access to the airport without having to worry about traffic delays. And for short daily escapes, you have the Băneasa Forest right next to your house, where you can take advantage of nature walks or a bicycle escape.

The Opportunity to Live at High Standards

By choosing Residence5 High Quality Villas, you will enjoy not only a special home, but also facilities and attractions that will bring you the comfort and lifestyle you deserve. Whether you love gastronomy, sports activities or travel, you have everything at your fingertips. Schedule a viewing now and take the first step towards the comfort you deserve. For more information about the available villas, we invite you to visit the web page. In the Residence5 universe, you are close to your favorite places.